Who am I?

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and went to college at the University of California, Santa Cruz where I got a degree in Studio Art. In my mid 20s I moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada (because.... why not?) where I currently live with my boyfriend and our two cats. After moving here, I enrolled at Concordia University for a second degree, this one in Art Education. And, as with so many of my friends and fellow students, my day job has absolutely nothing to do with either of my degrees ;)

My hobbies, on the other hand, certainly run parallel to my schooling and I have become a largely self-taught modern quilter, seamstress and all-around fiber enthusiast. I dabble in embroidery, knitting, crochet and anything else that catches my eye. I enjoy trying new methods and techniques and sometimes doing things just for the sake of having tried them.

I am something of a craft supply, tutorial/pattern/idea and fabric hoarder and have the over-stuffed workroom and overflowing 'to do' pile to prove it. This year I am endeavoring to finish more projects than I start and to actually make a dent in that 'to do' pile in hopes of getting through all the projects I have to give away to other people and perhaps get to one of the projects I have to make for myself. Well, that's the theory, anyway ;)

Why "Queen of Wands"?

In my younger days, my best friend and I enjoyed trying to tell our futures with tarot cards. While I no longer use them to try to divine my future, of course, I do still enjoy the ceremony and symbolism of the tarot, especially the Queen of Wands. She is the feminine aspect of the element of Fire and represents power, creative passion, warmth, independence and self-sufficiency. She is full of energy and inspiration and has a fiery, passionate personality with a quick temper.

I identify strongly with a lot of her traits, both the good and the bad, and as this blog is to be a documentation of my creative endeavors, I thought it would be appropriate to invoke her in the title of it.