Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chubby bunnies and flannel quilts

Well 2018 is chugging right along... sorry to have been so quiet here for the past few months. It is surprisingly hard to keep upon a blog when you have Instagram!

This winter has been relatively quiet, as they tend to be. Winter in Quebec is a time (for me, at least) to hunker down and enjoy some quiet time at home. I don't do winter sports so when it's cold out I tend to stay in and keep myself busy in the workroom.

And busy I have been! Since last I posted, I have finished a surprising number of projects (how is my "to finish" pile still so big, then?!?)... I won't share them all here, you're welcome to check out my Instagram feed if you want to see them all. But a few of the highlights have been:

The Ugly Plaid Quilt, part deux. I absolutely love the variety of plaids in the Mammoth Flannel bundle and when our beloved couch quilt, which had affectionately been dubbed the "ugly plaid quilt" reached the end of its life, I knew I had to replace it with a quilt made from that bundle. I do not think this guy is ugly, of course, but it's name is a nod to its predecessor.

Chubby bunnies! With Easter on its way, I'm making a litter of these little guys for the nieces and nephews. You can get the pattern from Fluffmonger over on Etsy and make your own! Seriously! Get your own... I'm not making any more for other people :P

This is Karl... short for tomtekarl, a Scandinavian gnome. He is from a larger quilt pattern which I made into a wall hanging as a gift for a friend. She amazingly snagged me a personalized signed book from John Green, so I wanted to make her something as a thank you. In fact, he was such a hit another friend asked for one so Karl's brother is currently in the works and he will be travelling to Columbia as a mother-in-law gift.

I've also been participating in the Canadian Modern Quilt Bee with a few fellow Canadian quilters. It has been a blast getting to do a different block each month... I need to make a few more of my block (above) and get it turned into a finished quilt! It's been so much fun, I've already signed up for the second round of it starting later this year.

I also have some semi-secret projects on the go that will hopefully be finished soon so I will share those when the time comes. I also bought the pattern for Ginger Jeans in the hopes that I will make myself a pair and see what everyone is raving about. That's the plan, anyway... I have yet to make myself a pair of pants I was happy with, so we'll see how it goes.

A lot of people in the sewing/quilting/crafting community make resolutions for the year ahead (how silly does it feel to be talking about new years resolutions in March? I'm such a slacker), but I'm not much of a one for resolutions. For now, my goal is to work on getting through some of my in-progress projects, like finishing my Halloween Cat quilt, the Death Star quilt, and making a few of the pieces of clothing that have been waiting for my attention since last summer. We'll see how much of it I actually get done ;)

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