Friday, September 29, 2017

Yay, autumn!

It's the best time of year! Summer is lovely and all, but my favorite season is autumn. I can finally break out the hoodies and the slow cooker. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday! I even have a stash of Halloween fabric that I've collected over the years... the plan was to make an awesome quilt for myself, but I love it all so much I can't bear to cut into it yet ;)

The summer months are a break for the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild, so I had plans to catch up on a lot of sewing, but I ended up taking a break myself and enjoying the time off. We finally got a community garden plot (after years of wait list limbo), so I spent a lot of time weeding and got a few cucumbers, tomatoes and a heap of lettuce for my efforts. Next year I think we'll tweak our plant and layout choices a bit, but I've been enjoying being a gardener!

I'm participating in my first online quilting bee, the Canadian Modern Quilt Bee. We started in September (with the Raspberry Kiss block) and it goes for 6 months... I was so excited to get started, I made my blocks the first weekend and had to wait ages for the next (we get a new block each month). We just got the block for October (the Checker block), so that will be my project this weekend ;) I'm in charge of November's block, so I'd better figure out which one I want to do... it's currently a toss-up between two. Maybe I'll just flip a coin.

I did manage to get a few small crafty projects done, including my first time making the 1-hour Basket:

Finished a quilt top (sorry for the less-than-exciting photo, I'll post a better one when it's done):

And even knit myself a new scarf! 

So I am prepared for the cool autumn weather... bring it on!