Friday, June 23, 2017

#QuiltsforQC - update

Things have been quiet here lately, but that doesn't mean I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs! The Montreal Modern Quilt Guild has been working furiously on the #QuiltsforQC project and we finally have everything done. We received contributions from every Canadian province, as well as many US states and even as far afield as Germany, Italy and Australia. All in all, we received enough to have 50 completed quilts to deliver to the mosque in Ste-Foy next month. :) 

45 of the finished quilts - boyfriend added for scale.

I still need to photograph all of the finished quilts and we will have a summary blog post over on the MMQG blog, if you want to see the quilts close-up. It has been a learning experience, but also a heart-warming one and I sincerely hope that these quilts will convey our love and support to the recipients. 

In other non-house block related news, I've gotten sucked into the Freshly Pieced 2017 Summer Sampler. I have a soft spot for HST star blocks so this pattern is right up my alley :D I don't know that I will make every single star pattern they include (there are a number of fiddly paper-pieced ones), but I've got scrap bins that are bursting at the seams so I've been making some scrappy Alchemy Stars to start with: 

This is putting me in the mood to work on an upcoming project for the MMQG (we are on summer break until September). We're trying a skillbuilder challenge that will take place throughout the year with a new block by a different guild member each month. I am doing HST star blocks in the winter, so it's a great excuse to bookmark a million and one different patterns and sew up some examples! Now that the summer break is here, and the QC project is wrapped up, I hope to finally dig into some of my own projects for a change... it has been ages since I've worked on anything for myself! Time for some selfish sewing :)