Friday, November 18, 2016

I don't think so, Tim...

So I finally dug into the quilt kit that my mom bought over the summer. It is a riot of various plaid and polka dot flannels, and so far has been surprisingly easy in coming together. I'm not normally a fan of working with flannel as it can be tricky, but this fabric has been lovely... nice and thick with minimal unravelling and it is super soft; it will make a nice finished quilt. Due to all of the plaid, we have jokingly named it the Al Borland quilt. :)

Stairsteps quilt pattern by Bonnie Sullivan
The quilt is made of 8-inch blocks constructed of one large piece and three small pieces of the various flannel prints and then constructed improvisationally. The name of the pattern is 'Stairsteps' and in the directions it shows you to assemble it in a stairstep pattern (go figure), but honestly with such a simple block you could do a ton of variations with it. Since my mom liked the pattern as printed, I followed stuck to the stairstep design. The backing is blue minky fabric which I'm not looking forward to quilting... my sewing machine will definitely need a good cleaning after this one. I also have a number of small scraps left over that I will have to find a use for... maybe a pillow?

Plushie bat pattern 
I have another quilt project which has stalled at the moment... the top and back are complete and I have basted it all together, but I cannot yet decide how I want to quilt it. So for now it is in the 'time out' corner and instead I've entertained myself by making a few plushie bats instead. They are a bit of a pain to put together (especially with some of the fabrics I've chosen), but they're just so cute I can't help myself. The cute little guy pictured above went to my nephew William for his birthday. 

And, while I'm working on all of these things, I've been listening to the new album by Kaleo pretty much on repeat. They are an Icelandic rock group whose sound is absolutely incredible, you should give them a listen :)