Saturday, August 13, 2016

A must-have notion for quilters

As I posted back in April, the MMQG is currently doing a challenge based on the works of Guido Molinari. I finished my quilt top in April and have spent the intervening months staring at it in despair as I tried to decide how I was going to quilt it.

I have never spent so long staring at a quilt top without being able to picture how I wanted to quilt it. I could have done something simple, or something innocuous that you wouldn't really notice... but this is a piece that has meaning, this is a piece dealing with art. I wanted the quilting to be part of the piece, not just something that faded into the background.

So, of course, I decided to do something like this:

Because why make it easy when I can make it impossibly complicated for myself! ;) I started on it yesterday afternoon and it has gone fairly well so far. 

When I say "fairly well", I mean I've only spent about 50% of my time seam ripping and redoing. ;) At the moment I'm having to rip out and redo a particularly visible section... this is the first time I've tried quilting like this and I'm learning a lot. Most notably: Don't start right smack in the middle of your quilt where your inevitable screw-ups will be most obvious when trying out a new quilting technique. See, I'm learning! :P 

Through this process, I have discovered an absolute must-have notion for quilters. It is a book called "Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator" and it an absolute life saver. When I make a mistake that has to be taken out and redone, I simply give the book a quick flip and yell out the profanity it presents me with! It is amazingly stress-relieving, as well as being entertaining for others within earshot. Now and then my boyfriend will poke his head into the workroom and inquire: "Uhh, did you just call your sewing machine a 'crap bucket'?" I cheerfully reply "Yep!" and he backs away slowly to the other room.

I really should get back to the quilting... there is much left to do (and redo). For now, I leave you with this: 

Monday, August 1, 2016

To pink or not to pink?

When I was younger, I hated pink, I avoided it at all costs. Slowly over the years, though, I have made peace with it and now I can actually appreciate it... in small doses.

I am currently making myself a new purse (using the Sydney pattern from Swoon) and I chose the Macrame Leaves canvas from Cotton + Steel for the outer fabric, which has little pops of neon pink in it:

In putting together the purse, I realized that the way in which I had cut the pieces for the front of the purse meant that I had none of the little pink bits showing. So I stopped what I was doing, ripped out the sewn seams then recut and re-sewed the pockets so that there were some of the pink bits showing.

*long, existentially fraught pause* I don't know who I am anymore.... :P