Sunday, May 15, 2016

Some days you're the windshield...

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug. Today I was definitely the bug.

It's been a very long week for me... one of our cats unexpectedly spent last weekend at the emergency vet for a serious urinary problem, so we spent most of this week having to wrangle him to administer medication, try to convince him he liked the new special diet he'll be on (he is not convinced), and worriedly monitor his recovery to make sure things were improving (they seem to be). Add to that my boss surprising me with the news that he was taking the rest of his paternity leave starting the beginning of next week and my work load would be instantly doubling, and the MMQG is wrapping up for our summer break starting in June, so yeah... I'm pretty worn out.

That said, the MMQG stuff has been the one enjoyable part of the week... we have some fun things in the plan for the last two meetings before our summer break. Plus planning out our schedule for next year will be exciting... I do enjoy spending time with that group!

So this weekend I planned to stay in and just relax, and to take my mind off things I put on a few episodes of my favorite podcast and settled down to work on a few little sewing projects that needed doing.... And absolutely nothing has turned out how I wanted it to.

The first thing I tried was a quilted cover for a notebook for which I took careful measurements and made a pattern before starting, checking it as I went only at the end to have it just that fraction too small to fit the notebook. So I set that aside and tried a boxy zippered pouch I wanted to make for my various USB cables, instead. I used a pattern and followed the instructions carefully only to get to the end and find... I didn't like it. I had done it right, it looked exactly like the picture, only the zipper opening was so awkward I knew it would drive me nuts so I undid a few of the seams and tried to correct/improve it. Well, of course all I could do was cut it down further until I got the zipper opening to work how I wanted it only to have the pouch itself be so small as to be unusable for the original purpose I had in mind. *sigh*

I was eyeballing a third small project in the hopes of salvaging some of my sewing mojo, but at this point I think I'm going to call it a wash, go make myself a cocktail and relax a bit with the cats and boyfriend. Here's to this coming week being much less eventful... tchin tchin! ;)

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