Sunday, May 22, 2016

May is for Makers week 4 - Rebel Quilt

At the beginning of the year I had told myself that I would spend this summer making some progress on my heap of projects waiting to be done. Thanks to the #MaysiforMakers project, my heap has grown significantly rather than shrinking... I think my 'stash' may have finally exceeded my life expectancy.

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Being something of an art geek, I have wandered through many museums and galleries, flipped through many art and art history books, browsed many design blogs, watched many art documentaries and so it does not happen often that I gasp aloud upon seeing a piece of art or design. But when I came across Libs Elliott's Rebel Quilt while browsing modern quilt patterns a while back, I gasped. It is so pleasingly chaotic, yet balanced, and the colors she chose are so wonderful that I spent a long, long time looking at it: 
Image courtesy of Libs Elliott

In March, we were lucky enough to book Libs for a workshop with the MMQG in which we learned Y-seams and worked on a giant hexagon pattern. Mine is still partially finished (yet another item on the project pile), although it inspired me to go outside my comfort zone and choose a mustard yellow palette that I ended up being quite pleased with! I'm not sure what I'll do with this one... unusually for me, I'm actually tempted to use the same palette as in the above image, I find it *that* striking! Then again, who says I can't make more than one!!!

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  1. I really like this one! And you are right - her palette is awesome.