Sunday, May 15, 2016

May is for Makers week 3 - Tiki-tastic!!!

I have a confession to make... I'm having a really difficult time not getting carried away with buying patterns. And it's only week 3... I need to pace myself.

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Buying patterns and supplies for any project is a dangerous thing for me... I get carried away and buy too much ("But that way I'll have extra if I need it!") or I commit to more than I can get accomplished. My "To Do" pile of fabrics and patterns is seriously staggering. 

But! I had promised myself I would work my way through some of my 'stash' this summer, and spending a little on some new patterns is a good way to motivate myself to do that... it's all for a good cause in the end, right? ;) 

So, for this week's pattern I decided to go with some clothing. Summer will be here soon and my wardrobe is sadly lacking in summer dresses, so I remedied that by buying the Jacaranda Plus-size Dress from Tenterhook Patterns on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of Tenterhook Patterns

Why this pattern? Well, I just happen to have the perfect fabric sitting around waiting to be put to good use:

It will be tiki-tastic! All of my other projects can wait! :D 


  1. If we just had the weather to go with a tiki-tastic dress... :)

    1. "If you sew the summer dress, the sunburns will come..."? ;)

  2. That's an awesome print!! Have fun with it!!