Sunday, May 8, 2016

May is for Makers week 2 - Bionic Gear Bag

So here we are in week 2 of the May is for Makers... campaign? Challenge? Project? Whatever you want to call it :)
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Last week I bought the Starfall quilt pattern from Fresh Lemons. Of course, I haven't done any work on it yet, but that's ok... it will be my summer quilting project. I did get the pattern printed, at least, surely that counts for something! ;)

My pattern for this week is a little more functional: I chose to buy the Bionic Gear Notions Tote by RipStitcher. One of the ladies in the MMQG had a version of this bag at one of the sew-ins a few months back and, being the complete sucker that I am for a zippered pouch, I loved it.

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This bag will be just the thing to drag my stuff to and from quilt meetings and sew-ins! :) I'll have to have a rummage around in my stash for some fabrics and zippers... I'm sure I have a few orphaned fat quarters that can be put to good use!

So... what have you done so far for #MayisforMakers?

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