Monday, February 1, 2016

Montreal Modern Quilt Guild showcase

As I've mentioned before, I'm part of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild and for the last year we've been working on putting together an exhibit showcasing our work. It started out as just a summer challenge for our members, but has gained momentum and is finally, thanks to our two founding members, opened as a gallery exhibit at la Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay in Montreal.

Our vernissage was on Sunday afternoon and it went fantastically well... we had a full house and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The quilts look fantastic, and the show is up for the whole month of February so if you're local (or in town visiting), you can check it out! :)

The show consists of 25 quilts covering 5 categories of the modern quilt aesthetic: Minimalism, Asymmetry, Negative Space, Improvisational Piecing and Alternative Gridwork. I submitted two quilts, one under Asymmetry and one under Minimalism. Now that the show is finally up, I can share some pictures of our work! ;)

A group shot of three of the categories... I can't get over how great they look hung up like that!

This is my entry for the Asymmetry group. It was inspired by the song "Laying Down to Perish" by Alan Doyle which he based on the events I wrote about in an earlier blog post (it also includes a performance of the song). While it holds up ok on its own, I think knowing the story behind it makes a big difference. A few people asked me about the title and when I explained the story they would go back and look at it much more deeply. It was really satisfying to see people touched by a story that took place a hundred years and a thousand miles away. 

The back of the quilt, which shows the lines of the quilting a bit better.

The quilt label.

My entry for the Minimalism group. I have to say, this is probably the easiest quilt I've ever made... only two seams! ;) The quilting took a lot longer, but still... I really enjoyed making this one, and I like the visual impact it has. This one doesn't have any back story, it was done simply for the sake of the design. It was also used for some of the promotion done for the show... it was strange but exciting to see my quilt staring back at me from websites and flyers!

A detail showing the contrast quilting.

The quilt label. 

You can read a bit more about the show and find the larger photo gallery of the quilts and the vernissage over on the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild blog. Now that we've finally finished up this project, we will be moving on to another challenge... this one inspired by a visit to the Guido Molinari foundation here in Montreal. The modern art movements in the 60s here in Montreal produced some incredible artists, Molinari among them, so we will be exploring the connections between their vast body of work and the modern quilt aesthetic. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for my piece, but I'll be sure to post about it along the way.

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