Saturday, December 19, 2015

Always remember...

The first rule of working on a quilt with a white background:

Don't bleed on the quilt!!! :P 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy holidays! (and other updates)

First things first... happy holidays to one and all, no matter how you choose to celebrate them :)

Christmas card design by Edward Gorey

I have been working furiously the past many weeks, but maddeningly it is all things I can't share pictures of yet! I have finished the "Laying Down to Perish" quilt, as well as the other one destined for the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild showcase, but I can't post the finished pictures of them just yet. I can, however, share the advertisement put out by the gallery for our upcoming exhibition which uses (spoiler alert ;) one of my quilts as the background image!

I am super excited about the show... at our last meeting we all shared our completed quilts and everyone's looked fantastic! I'm so proud of the work everyone has put into it... it will be great to finally share it with the public, I hope it gets a positive response.

I have also found myself up to my eyeballs in charity projects lately... I have been knitting like mad to make tuques for the 25,000 Tuques project. I've got 8 done so far! I haven't even had to go out and buy yarn, I've just been using up stuff that either was leftover from another project or that I never decided what to do with, and it's made some incredibly lovely tuques. I hope they make someone happy. :)

I will also be doing the quilting on our guild charity project, which was a bit unexpected but will be an interesting challenge. I think it may be the largest quilt I will have quilted on my home machine so far! Fellow member Tamara did a fantastic job piecing the quilt top together, so hopefully my quilting will be up to snuff. I'll post some pictures of the progress. Also, Camelot Fabrics will be very kindly donating some fabric towards making a few extra quilts to donate with the charity project (the guild had to make one group quilt to submit to the QuiltCon challenge which will then be donated to a local Montreal women's shelter, so we thought it would be nice to donate a few extras as well), so will need to find some volunteers for those, too.

So yeah... lots on the go, most of it just isn't very blog-friendly, sorry! ;) Have yourselves a warm and wonderful holiday season!