Sunday, August 2, 2015

This post brought to you by saltines and ginger ale

I had such grand plans for this weekend. Both B and I took the upcoming week off for a 'staycation', it was his birthday on Friday and we had plans for drinks and a fancy dinner out, there were a few of his family events planned over the weekend, and I had planned to dig into my pile of what feels like a zillion works in progress... and then gastro happened. I crawled home from work midday on Thursday, and except for pulling myself together to go out for B's birthday dinner (I've had those reservations since May, damnit!), I've been in bed with a book and fuzzy socks. Poor B didn't have much of a birthday, but I'm starting to feel more human today and we've got all week to make up for it.

Today I've been slowly puttering around (who knew that two days in bed would make sweeping the floor such a feat!) and finally got my work table cleaned off and hey look what I found!

After many discarded ideas and failed attempts, I finally settled on the fabric and design for a lap quilt I wanted to make for my grandfather. He's in his 90s and still lives in the same house where my dad was raised in California, and he's a pretty traditional kinda guy, so I had a surprisingly difficult time deciding on what to do. Most of my modern, artsy-fartsy ideas didn't really seem appropriate ;)

I finally settled on, obviously, a simple herringbone pattern with the Katagami fat quarter bundle from Mad About Patchwork. Nothing earth-shattering of course, but I like the end result... simple and calming. It seems like I've been making nothing but half-square triangles lately, so I've got my technique down pat and this pattern came together pretty easily. Only thing I'm not crazy about is how bulky the seams are at the corners of each square... I think I'm going to go back and re-iron the seams differently and see if I can reduce the bulk a bit. Next on to the back... I think I'll keep it simple with mostly white and work the remaining blue scraps in somehow. Need to work some creativity in there somehow! ;) 

So that's one item making its way (slowly) off my Work In Progress pile. Under it I have a few baby quilts (one very overdue and one not yet due), a couple of other gift quilts for later this year, plus I still need to finish up my two showcase quilts for the MMQG exhibition coming up this winter. There's plenty more under that, but I think we'll leave it there for now as my ginger ale needs refreshing! ;) 


  1. I like it! How are you going to quilt it? Have a good vacation - now that you are feeing better!

    1. I think I'll keep it simple with some wavy vertical lines... I've done it on a few other pieces lately and quite like the finish it gives!