Saturday, July 11, 2015

Camelot fabrics

I've had the pleasure over the past few months of working with Camelot Fabrics, a local Montreal company that produces printed fabrics. The work I have done for them is simply to construct a few of the projects they offer on their website using some of their new fabric collections, and I have to say I have greatly enjoyed it.

The fabric itself is 100% cotton and has a nice heft to it that makes the finished product really nice to the touch. And when I say 'heft', I mean it literally... I'm currently working on making a full size quilt for them and the fabric for it was so weighty that carrying it in a bag over my shoulder had put my arm to sleep by the time I got it home :) But it is so soft and thick and lovely to work with.

Their collections are widely varied and very much 'on trend', at least in the circles I sew in :) I quite like the Botanical and Paradise collections at the moment. The first two projects I did for them, pictured below, showcased their Mixology collection and their Solids, respectively.

This one is the New Bohemian pattern, a wall hanging or baby sized quilt. I don't often choose complex patterns for my quilts, so I was a bit apprehensive about this one, but it came together very easily. The only thing that put up a bit of a fight was the directional herringbone print (detail below), but I managed to wrangle it into going the right direction in all the squares. Then again anyone with less OCD tendencies than myself probably wouldn't be bothered by it ;)

I was really pleased with the end result, especially the quilting. It doesn't show much on the front of the quilt, which in this case is good - the pattern should be the focus not the quilting, but it stands out nicely on the back, echoing both the herringbone print in the fabric and the quilt design on the front. They even wrote up an incredibly flattering blog post on it, found here.

The second one I did is also a wall hanging size quilt using solids instead of prints. And while the pattern itself was less complex than the previous one, being that it was in solids and had a lot more contrast to it, I found it much more challenging to get all my seams and corners just right. And of course there are a few spots where I didn't quite manage it... but I'm not going to point them out. :P

The pattern for this one was so simple and elegant, I decided to keep the quilting simple as well and just used straight line quilting, with the exception of picking out the diamond shape in the middle. I had sketched out a number of other ideas that echoed various shapes, in the end I chose to keep it simple.

With one exception - the back. I had a few half-square triangle blocks left over from the front and just couldn't let them go to waste, so I included them in an offset strip on the back of the quilt. It wasn't in the original pattern, but Camelot had given me creative license on how I quilted and backed the two pieces, so I hope no one minded ;)

And finally, while I can't show you the entirety of either project I'm working on right now, as it is for use in their upcoming promotional materials and such, I will give you a tiny little sneak peek... I can't get over how cute those polar bears are!

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  1. I love both of these, but the second one is really, really nice! Love the straight line quilting and your backing is perfect! And I agree - those polar bears are adorable! :-)