Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Doctor Who quilt

This one is, quite possibly, my finest accomplishment to date. I didn't have any current projects but wanted something to work on, and a friend asked if I could make her a Doctor Who quilt. We discussed it at length and she showed me some examples of what she'd like and I set to work on drafting a pattern.

The pattern I finally developed was equal parts realism and artistic licence. For example, I made sure the bevels in the door panels were highlighted/shadowed appropriately, but also took some liberties with the proportions for the sake of the end result.

I'd be lying if I said it came together easily, but it *did* come together, albeit with some very creative problem solving towards the end. I had to keep myself from getting carried away with clever details... I spent hours trying to figure out how to build a little nod to it being "bigger on the inside" into it, but finally gave up. 

I did hand paint the Police Box sign, and used glow in the dark thread to make the little light on top glow at night. I had wanted to use LEDs for the light and the windows in the doors and have a soft switch that you could turn on and off, but again I felt that was getting a bit carried away. 

I kept the quilting extremely simple, since there was already a lot going on otherwise. I have to say my one regret on this quilt is the fabric I chose for the background... I wanted something subtle but nebulous, and the fabric I chose had a really nice effect to it close up. But looking at the overall effect from a distance.... meh. I am just reminded why I don't like batiks; they were overpriced and didn't give the effect I wanted. Oh well, ya quilt, ya learn.

The back of the quilt was easy... my friend's favorite incarnation of the Doctor is the Fourth Doctor (and while it may reveal my age, is still the Doctor I think of first, as I remember seeing it on PBS when I was little) so I simply used his multi-colored scarf as inspiration. I got the necessary colors, cut multiple widths of each and then pieced it into strips. 

And there you have it... my Doctor Who quilt that was many, many months in the making, and was the reason I had to buy myself a more ergonomic seam ripper ;) 

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