Monday, May 18, 2015

My helpers

I do not quilt alone. While my boyfriend usually leaves me to my own devices while I'm working, our two cats Harley and Tigger are my Quality Assurance team, and they take their jobs quite seriously. While they stay out of the way when I'm working (I think they dislike the sound of the sewing machine), as soon as I leave some project unattended, I usually come back to one, or both, of them having made themselves comfortable on top of it.

This is a rare photo of the very first quilt I made, which was a Christmas gift for my mom. Looking at it now, I am appalled at the wonky seams and lack of pattern matching, but the cats seemed to think it was up to snuff. 

While working on my Tim Burton quilt, I took a break to get a drink and came back to find Tigger testing it for comfy-ness. 

Once it was complete and on the bed, Harley added the missing (and necessary) cat fur. 

During the making of the Kissing Fish quilt, Tigger thought he would lend a hand with pressing some of the fabric. 

While Harley curled up on it during the quilting process to make sure it would be nap-worthy. 

The Doctor Who quilt was a big project, and Harley was on hand to inspect my seams. 

While Tigger acted as a weight to make sure it didn't wander off while I was quilting. 

At Christmas, Tigger took the tree skirt for a spin. We ended up having to find someplace else to put the presents.

And finally, Tigger made sure to test out the quilts I made for Camelot Fabrics (upcoming post about that) before I was able to turn them in. Nothing leaves my worktable without their approval!

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