Saturday, May 9, 2015

A few odds and ends

I wanted to take a moment and round up a few past projects that fall under the "miscellaneous" heading. I tend to go off on tangents often and am easily distracted, especially with little 'quickie' projects like these, so I'm sure I will be posting round ups like these fairly often ;)

This is a sneezy monster, modeled after the Urban Threads embroidery pattern, that I made for the boyfriend to keep his tissues in. The body is from an old pair of his flannel pajama pants. He might not be able to keep you from getting sick, but at least he'll give you a giggle when you have to blow your nose ;) 

I suck at buying the right amount of fabric for a project. I am usually estimating in my head rather than following a pattern, so I get a bit extra 'just in case', and inevitably end up with a heap of leftover fabric. This is a mug rug I made to use up some of the scraps from the Kissing Fish quilt (I'll post post pictures of that soon). I got the idea for the layout from a mug rug I saw on Pinterest, though of course I can't find it now to link to.

This past Christmas, the boyfriend and I finally got a Christmas tree. We have two cats who basically have their run of the house, so we hadn't had a tree since we'd had them. I have to keep any decorations, and all of my houseplants, up and away from where they can reach them. But, they are getting older and don't seem to get into things like they once did, so I got a small artificial tree this year and decided to make some ornaments for it. I'm especially pleased with the pickle! :) 

I also made a simple tree skirt with some charm squares and a bit of red flannel. Thankfully the cats mostly ignored the tree and ornaments, but they did enjoy stretching out to nap on the tree skirt. 

My purse of choice tends to be the messenger bag style, and I have made many over the years. This is my most recent version, using some leather-look vinyl for the outside and some fabulous cotton for the lining from Craft de Ville. It turned out pretty well, considering I haven't really worked with vinyl before!

Much like pillows, I like to make bags and zippered pouches when I want something quick or to get my creativity going. This is a simple fold-over clutch bag that was inspired by a piece a fellow guild member was working on one night at a meeting. It's a handy little size, I use it to carry embroidery supplies when I'm working on a project. 


And finally, this was the item I made for the Michael Miller fabric challenge through the MQG last year. The body of the bag was improvisationally pieced and simply quilted, and the text was hand appliqued. It is a travel bag for your 'unmentionables'... the clean ones you keep on the "wear" side, and when they're dirty, you put them on the "wash" side. I took it with me on our trip to California last summer and it was great! No chasing clean undies around in your bag, everything was in one spot and clearly marked :)

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